Our TeamCarmine Thompson is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and Addiction Counselor (CIP) who specializes alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and eating disorder interventions. He is the founder of Intervention Allies, a well respected nationwide provider of Intervention Services, Case Management, Recovery Coaching and Treatment.

He is adept at systematically developing treatment strategies for those afflicted with chemical dependency, process addictions and mental health disorders. His intuitive approach and breakthrough techniques have been instrumental in redirecting the lives of thousands. The developments he's made in the field of intervention have increased the odds of success, along with reducing the potential of inflicting further damage to already strained relationships. He is called upon by attorneys, doctors, therapists, employers, families, friends and health care providers across the country to help steer resistant people into treatment. He also provides recommendations on addiction treatment, harm reduction, conditional releases and alternative means of sentencing to Good Morning America's long-time legal analyst, Dana M. Cole.

What Drives Me To This Day

My brother called me from Florida. He just moved there from NY. He sounded crazed and incensed.
I thought, "how unfortunate, he must be loaded again." I was busy at work and not in the mood to hear his psychobabble nonsense. I couldn't wait to rush him off the phone and say goodbye. During our brief conversation, he told me he was going to Jamaica. He did so the next day. I received another call. This one was from the Jamaican authorities telling me he was dead.
He overdosed his first night on the island. I am crying now...

I wish I had listened and done more to help Tommy. He was sick and asking for help in a language that addicts often do, which isn't easily understood. I have since learned that language firsthand. It is used to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from addiction and mental health problems. My hope is that others won't have to experience this same loss. I am here to help in any way possible.

Carmine Thompson, CAC, CIP - Founder, Intervention Specialist 800-980-3927

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Joseph ThompsonJoseph Thompson is a Certified National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist (CNDAI). In recent years, he has worked directly with delinquent youth, provided outreach in church ministry, ran bible studies for local teenage boys, and engaged in concentrated college study on alcohol and drug addiction. Joe considers it his privilege to be called upon to take part in guiding families through this incredible first step... The one that opens the door for healing. Given his life experiences, assisting others by way of intervention is a natural fit for Joe. Many years ago, he began making positive changes that have been profound. First and foremost was his decision to accept Christ. With over 22 years of living without the use of alcohol or drugs, Joe can attest to the fact that faith is sustainable and sobriety is achievable, regardless how far down the scale someone has fallen. Moreover, families can take meaningful action to interrupt the powerful hold of addiction and reclaim their loved one. Joe's most important lesson in this life is that true peace and well-being come when we anchor ourselves to God.

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Juanita WellsJuanita Wells is a Recovery Support Specialist with strong ties to 12 Step programs and treatment centers across the country. She established a successful career in the fashion industry as well as succeeding at what she felt is her most important contribution, being a mother of two dynamic and beautiful young adults, before she began her second professional career in the recovery and intervention field. She brings her corporate success as well as her compassion as a mother to a field that she describes as “one of the most challenging and rewarding things she has ever done”. She has a profound understanding with each step of an intervention and demonstrates the compassion to gently guide the entire family down the path of recovery. She believes pro-active measures are necessary when someone is suffering from the disease of addiction. Her diverse background and thoughtful insight provides families with a comforting voice of reassurance as they navigate seeking help for their loved one. Always willing to go the extra distance, she ensures our clients receive the highest quality of care possible. Juanita has been through treatment for addiction and is an active member of both AA and NA. She sponsors young ladies, speaks on H&I Panels, attends Al Anon meetings and holds several commitments that keep her deeply involved with the fellowship.

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Kristin Van WeeleKristin Van Weele decided to join Intervention Allies as a result of having direct experience with their service in early 2011. She and her family sought the help of IA to facilitate an intervention for another family member in crisis. That experience brought to light the importance of being pro-active about helping a loved one who is struggling. It also sparked a desire to want to help other families facing a similar situation. In April 1992, Kristin moved to Northern California from Dover, New Hampshire. Upon moving to California, she began working in San Francisco as an Administrative Assistant at JP Morgan.

From August 1992 to August 1997, her career involved supporting several Vice Presidents and Bankers, performing general administrative duties, handling extensive travel arrangements, managing expense accounts, preparing client proposals and overseeing graphic presentations. The last 2 years were spent working in the Corporate Event division where she organized closing dinners, special client events and internal corporate events. From August 1997 to July 1999 Kristin worked at Russell Reynolds, an Executive Search Firm as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President in the Consumer Retail Division. In this role, Kristin worked directly with high level executives in relation to executive searches. She worked closely with these executives as it pertained to the deal. She coordinated all logistics for candidates interviewing for corporate positions. In 1999, Kristin traveled oversees where she and her amazing husband spent the next 3 years living in Singapore. She and her husband currently reside in Novato, California with their 2 beautiful daughters.

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Billy BaldwinBilly Baldwin is an Outreach Coordinator and close personal friend of Intervention Allies founder, Carmine Thompson. He saw the frustration Carmine experienced working for others in this specialized area of treatment and listened as Carmine expressed a desire to bring families a straightforward solution. Out of necessity to provide a high standard of care, Billy watched Carmine launch one of the most competent and respected intervention services in this country. It was because of the emphasis placed on compassionate care, competent support and professional assistance he saw families receive time and time again that he decided to become a part of the team. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Missouri State University, Billy is deeply aware of the sensitivity involved in working with various population groups. A graduate from the Santa Monica School of Healing Arts, he operated his own successful business to bring healthy balance and restoration into the lives of others. Employed by Starwood Cooperation for over 30 years, he has extensive work experience throughout the hospitality and service industry. Quite familiar with the problems surrounding untreated addictions and mental health related disorders, Billy is encouraged to have an opportunity to make a significant difference in this epidemic. He is responsible for ensuring families are provided with placement options that best suits the needs of their loved one. By meeting with and researching programs that offer quality care at affordable prices, his knowledge about treatment centers is vast.

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Vicki WikinsonVicki Wilkinson, Clinical Outreach Coordinator with Intervention Allies. Vicki is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Supervisor in Florida. After earning her bachelor's degree in Sociology from University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, Vicki returned to her home state of Ohio to begin her career working in state funded mental health programs. She also worked as a probation officer that administered one of Ohio's first DWI programs before returning to Florida to work as a Child Protective Investigator in Cocoa Beach, where she married and began to raise her daughter. She relocated with her family to the Orlando area in 1989. When her daughter entered pre-school Vicki began working in a private residential facility with dual diagnosed adolescents. She continued there for seven years as the lead psychiatric assistant which afforded her the opportunity to facilitate life skill groups and leisure activities to assist clients in developing recovery and relapse prevention plans. She later earned her M.S. degree in Psychology and Counseling from Troy State University while working as an addictions counselor in a drug court diversion program in Orlando. When she became a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she was promoted to serve as the Seminole County Program Coordinator managing two programs contracted by the Department of Juvenile Justice for high risk adolescent offenders with mental health and substance abuse issues. Vicki later was asked by a former colleague to become the managing director for a private residential facility their opening year in 2002.

In 2003 she began working as a Hospice counselor for the next eight years, while continuing on a part time basis with the same residential facility. She returned to work full time in 2011 in the position of Lead Therapist at the residential treatment facility where she met Carmine Thompson, who worked with this facility as a respected Interventionist who referred a client assigned to her care. She was impressed with Carmine's Intervention Allies Company. She observed after working with other intervention programs, that Carmine's approach and passion working with his clients stood out as unique. Vicki joined Intervention Allies in September of 2013. With more almost 40 years working in mental health and substance abuse, Vicki enjoys the challenge and creativity of connecting clients and families to programs and top professionals with treatment approaches that meet their specific needs. “What I have learned in life is that you can teach old dogs new tricks. As the older dog, I continue to learn from my clients and colleagues. I do not want to be satisfied, as I constantly seek more opportunities to grow in creative ways to help others.”

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Eric KruseEric Kruse is a Recovery Support Specialist with a B.A. in Psychology from California State Northridge. His coursework included Abnormal, Social, Personality, and Behavioral Psychology, as well as Counseling, Therapy, Health Sciences and Addiction training. He has worked as a personal assistant to a criminal defense attorney and at an assisted living facility in Santa Monica California. In his sophomore year of high school he was sent to an emotional growth boarding school for troubled teens. This is where his understanding of the human psyche began. Throughout his stay he was exposed to various forms of therapeutic treatments from Psychoanalysis, Gestalt, Person Centered, Cognitive Behavioral, along with unconventional treatments. This broad range of approaches afforded him the ability to view behavior from many different angles and perspectives. Eric believes there is no single way to treat addiction. The twelve-step model, non-twelve-step model and/or a combination of of both have shown promising results. Aligning people to treatment plans that are tailored to their needs and personality has been shown to be the most important consideration for a person's long-term recovery. Eric is currently working toward achieving his goal of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist so he can better serve recovering addicts and their families.

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Addiction exerts a long and powerful influence on the brain that manifests in three distinct ways: craving for the object of addiction, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite harmful consequences.

For many years, experts believed that only alcohol and powerful drugs could cause addiction. Brain imaging technologies and more recent research, however, have shown that certain pleasurable activities, such as gambling, shopping, and sex, can also lead to addiction.


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