Secure Attachment

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By creating a secure attachment bond with your child, you’ll build an empowering bond of safety and security and give your child the best start in life.

Secure attachment affects the way your child develops mentally, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. In fact, it is the main predictor of how well your child will do in school and in life.

While attachment occurs naturally as you, the parent or caretaker, care for your baby’s needs, the quality of the attachment bond varies. It is created by the quality of nonverbal communication between an infant and you, his or her primary caretaker. While it’s easiest to form this secure attachment bond with your child in the first few years of life, it can also be formed later in life.



Secure attachment and parenting

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What is secure attachment?

Secure attachment is the deep, lasting emotional connection between a child and his or her parent or primary caretaker. This all-important emotional bond promotes optimal brain development and sets the stage for the ability to express emotions and develop fulfilling relationships.

It is not founded on quality of care or parental love, but on the nonverbal emotional communication between child and caretaker. A secure attachment ensures that your child will feel secure and understood, and it impacts your child’s future mental, physical, social, and emotional health. A secure attachment provides your child with the best foundation for life: a feeling of safety that results in eagerness to learn, healthy self-awareness, trust, and empathy.


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Since secure attachment can only occur when you are calm and focused, high levels of stress related to your work, support network, or personal life can get in the way of your ability to bond with your baby.

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