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Caregiving is among the greatest gifts we have to give a loved one, but it can also be one of the most demanding. In order to avoid burnout, it’s important for caregivers to make their own wellness a priority.

When you’re devoting yourself to the unpaid care of an elderly, chronically ill, or disabled family member, you can start to feel isolated, exhausted, and overwhelmed. But help is available. You’re not alone.

There are numerous resources and community services available for caregivers. You can also turn to friends and family members for both practical and emotional support. Throughout the caregiving process, you will need to balance your own needs with those of the person you are caring for in order to function at your best.



Caregiving services and support

Caregiving at the end of life


What is caregiving?

Caregiving is the act of providing help and support to people who are sick, disabled, or unable to take care of their daily needs. The person who needs care may be an adult, such as a spouse or an elderly relative, or a child with special needs. Caregiving can involve numerous tasks, such as giving medicine, cleaning, cooking, shopping, paying bills, and helping the person bathe, dress, and eat. Caregivers are are also a key provider of emotional support.


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